Installation support

Even though ECRC® conductors use standard compression accessories and methods, they require some basic care and training to avoid any issue, such as damaging the structural composite core.

In our experience, proper installation methods are a key factor in the success of a project and ensure the optimal durability of conductors.

This is why our highly experienced experts routinely train installation teams worldwide.
They also provide on site assistance and supervision during installations.
Finally, our field support teams remains available at anytime, for example in anticipation of a bid to allow utilities and EPCs to assess the installation requirements, or after a project is completed, for maintenance and repairs that may be required after an unforeseen event.

Useful installation resources:

You can find in the Resources section useful documents such as ECRC® hardware & accessories catalog or ECRC® stringing equipment catalog. In addition to providing information about design, testing and installation, those documents will allow you to select the proper tools and accessories for your projects.
Our installation manual contains detailed guidelines to safely and reliably installing ECRC® conductors.
A complete e-training video series is also available to demonstrate the installation procedure for ECRC® accessories: dead end, jumper terminal, mid span joint, repair sleeve, vibraiton dampers, suspension clamps…)