Our solutions

Epsilon Cable designs and manufactures innovative and sustainable solutions based on composite materials to increase line ampacity, decrease line losses and improve safety on powerlines worldwide

Thanks to its strong lightweight composite core, a new generation of smart conductors is successfully being implemented worldwide to increase line ampacity, reduce line sag or electrical losses.

Epsilon Cable is at the forefront of this grid modernization, with a proven track record of several thousands of miles of power lines installed worldwide in the past 20 years.
Epsilon Cable develops and manufactures composite cores made in pultrusion, as well as the ECRC® technology, serving cable manufacturers and utilities, to improve their transmission or distribution lines and help them achieve their ambitious performance & cost targets.

With its R&D center and pultrusion facilities in France, Epsilon is ISO 9001 certified, while our ECRC® composite cores are qualified according to ASTM B987.

Composite cores for advanced conductors

Composite cores for High Voltage conductors, based on the Pultrusion process.

CoreCheck® monitoring

The CoreCheck® system allows to conveniently control the integrity of the composite core at any stage of its life: before, during and after installation.

ECRC® advanced conductors

A new generation of efficient and sustainable conductors for Transmission & Distribution lines

Installation support

How we support installation crews worldwide to ensure the success of each project