CoreCheck® monitoring

The CoreCheck® system allows to conveniently control the integrity of the composite core at any stage of its life: before, during and after installation.

CoreCheck® provides the ability to check the composite core integrity in ECRC® advanced conductors and detect potential defects or mishandling damages at any stage of a project:

  • Stage 1: after core production, on the composite core reel
  • Stage 2: after conductor stranding, on the conductor reel
  • Stage 3: after conductor installation, directly on the line

Is it also possible to conduct additional checks at any time during the conductor lifetime, for example in case of accidental damage, or after a storm event.

CoreCheck® is simple and fast to setup on the field. Any lineman can perform a CoreCheck® test in a few minutes after a short training, and confirm the core integrity with a green light / red light signal.

It does not delay the installation with challenging and sensitive operations, such as when dealing with optical signals.

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How does CoreCheck® work?

CoreCheck® relies on breakdown voltage testing, also called dielectric breakdown testing and widely used to test covered conductors.
We developed and patented a technology that takes advantage of the dielectric properties of the external glass fiber layer in our composite cores to apply a similar dielectric breakdown testing to our products.

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