ECRC® stringing equipment catalog

Stringing equipment for advanced conductors

From reconductoring to new builds, the installation of advanced conductors is a key step in the success of each project.

Even though ECRC® conductors have been sucessfully installed worldwide with a wide variety of machines and equipment, we recommend the use of Tesmec equipments for stringing, as Epsilon and Tesmec both share the same commitment to innovation and quality.

Based on more than 70 years of jobsite experience and extensive testing, Tesmec stringing machines for ECRC® conductors benefit from the state-of-the-art technology of traditional machines, with some specific features such as larger bull wheels to minimize conductor bending.

Various tailor-made equipment are also available for the stringing of a single conductors to bundles of up to 6 conductors, such as:

  • Pulley blocks
  • Pivoting array blocks
  • Blocks for conductor stringing
  • Self-gripping clamps
  • Radial locking clamps
  • Sock joints

All pulleys systems come with specific wheels diameter, liners and custom features to fit jobsite needs.

We prepared this stringing equipment catalog to help EPCs and installation teams choose the most suitable machines and tools for ECRC® conductors.