HVCRC® ULS river crossing in Vietnam (220kV reconductoring)

Aerial video of a HVCRC® river crossing during a reconductoring project in Vietnam, on a 220kV line for Vietnam Electricity (EVN).

HVCRC® ULS 520-60 (Warsaw size) was used for this 1 km river crossing on the Song Lô river.

“ULS” stands for “Ultra Low Sag”, because this conductor uses a special composite core made with a higher grade of carbon fiber.

The ULS core has an increased tensile resistance (3 000 MPa) and tensile modulus (146 GPa), as compared with the standard HVCRC® core (2 500 MPa and 123 GPa respectively).

The conductor was stranded by Nexans, with a composite core manufactured by Epsilon Cable in France.