High Voltage Composite Reinforced Conductors: Epsilon Composite wins patent infringement lawsuit against CTC Global

Epsilon Composite is pleased to announce it won the lawsuit initiated in 2018 by CTC Global regarding an alleged infringement of ACCC® patent (ref EP1506085) by the HVCRC® technology (patent ref EP1506085).

CTC Global complaint was dismissed in court, and CTC Global was sentenced by the judge to pay a fair compensation to Epsilon Composite.

On Epsilon Composite’s request, the European Patent Office revoked CTC Global’s patent EP1506085. The decision to revoke this patent was confirmed in appeal and is now final. It applies to all European countries the patent was covering. This decision excludes once and for all any patent infringement allegation from CTC Global against HVCRC® in Europe.

This decision will support a fair business environment and a healthy competition driving innovation and continuous improvement of power grids.

It comforts Epsilon Composite in its position as one of the leading innovative company in the composite industry, with a strong track record in the energy sector.

With over 100 patents worldwide and more than 10% of its turnover invested in R&D every year, Epsilon Composite is continuously innovating to solve utilities infrastructure challenges over the world.

Thousands of kilometers of HVCRC® conductors as well as other cables using Epsilon’s cores have been sucessfully installed and energized worldwide since 2008, and the trend has been accelerating in recent years due to the increasing demand to improve Transmission & Distribution grids.

We’d like to thank our staff and partners who contributed to the worldwide success of HVCRC® advanced conductors, and we pledge to continue our work to improve powergrids worldwide.

Official court documents available on request: https://www.tribunal-de-paris.justice.fr/75

Official EPO proceedings: https://register.epo.org/application?number=EP03718501