Quality, Safety & Environment

Our Quality Policy

Since 1987, Epsilon has developed its unique expertise in the pultrusion of carbon fibre profiles. This experience and our capacity for innovation are now recognized worldwide and are based on controlled and reliable development and manufacturing processes.

Our Quality Management System, implemented daily by all Epsilon employees, is based on continuous improvement and a constant striving for performance. This provides us with the strong and solid foundations necessary to satisfy our customers and support our future developments.

Our Quality Policy guidelines are directly linked to our strategic guidance, their purpose being to revitalize and perpetuate our management style and demonstrate our professionalism. All this comes down to the involvement of our employees, who are the company’s real wealth.

Epsilon’s Quality Management System is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.

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Our Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) policy

The health and safety of people and respect for our environment are among the priorities defined by the Management.
To this end, everyone in the company is responsible for complying with health and safety regulations and good environmental practices.
We are constantly thinking about ways to reduce our environmental footprint at all levels, for example by choosing local and responsible suppliers, by reducing and processing all of our waste, and by controlling our energy consumption on a daily basis.

Each employee plays his part in these efforts, especially the top management, who is directly involved in the process. Several dedicated employees work specifically on improving our HSE performance:  
HSE technicians monitor facilities and activities, relay information in the field, promote good practices and carry out regulatory and sectoral monitoring.
Several continuous improvement technicians analyze and improve workstations to make them more ergonomic (work posture, communication, visual management, etc.), to ensure the well-being at work of employees and to avoid musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
Experienced internal trainers teach the best practices on good health and safety on a daily basis, and integrate safety into specific training modules.

This highlights our dynamic approach, in line with our ongoing quest for improvement on a daily basis.

Environmental impact of our products and value chain

Under the influence of its top management, Epsilon is commited to the highest environmental standards.
In our daily activities, we place a special emphasis on responsible waste management and minimize our use of ressources as well as our emissions of green house gases. We also apply this logic to our suppliers and external partners, and support environmentally friendly behaviors.

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Our composite cores and HVCRC® conductors greatly contribute to reduce CO2 and other green house gases emission, thanks to the lower electrical resistance of HTLS solutions in comparison with traditional ACSR conductors.
Reconductoring existing power lines with HTLS conductors to increase the line ampacity (instead of building new lines or rebuilding existing lines) also preserves natural landscapes, forests and resources.